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of Ukrainian business in the world markets
JERELO EXPO is a public association of Ukrainian companies, entrepreneurs, scientists, and innovators created to promote innovation in Ukraine and strengthen the position of Ukrainian business in the global market


Welcome to JERELO EXPO!

JERELO EXPO is a non-governmental public association created to enhance the competitiveness of Ukrainian products (works, services) in foreign markets, develop export competencies, promote Ukrainian goods, works and services abroad, assist in establishing cooperation and partnership between Ukrainian and foreign businesses

Our goal

to facilitate the development of Ukrainian companies in the sphere of foreign economic activity and to prove that Ukrainian goods and services are competitive in the world market!

Main directions of JERELO EXPO’s activity

Promoting and encouraging the development, entry into service, promotion of innovations, including but not limited to healthcare, medicines, medical devices, capable of improving prevention, treatment, disease diagnosis, improving health care and extending the life expectancy of the population, improve the quality of health care

Promoting the creation of an attractive investment image of Ukraine for foreign exporting companies

Promoting of new investments attraction, active participation of Ukrainian manufacturing companies in international trade and export events and exhibitions

Provide comprehensive support to members in the field of export-import circulation of goods and services, development and implementation of innovations

Promotion and implementation of international projects with the participation of Ukrainian business, including charitable and investment projects

Enhancing the prestige and recognition of Ukrainian goods and services abroad

Participation in legislative initiatives

Project implementation

Export support

Increase competitiveness

International events

Ukrainian product -
Global orientation

International cooperation promotion

Investment attraction

Innovation development


The union's general membership meeting is the highest governing body of JERELO EXPO

The Board of the union is a permanent collegiate governing body consisting of the President and the Vice-Presidents

President of JERELO EXPO is an elected position, which is intended to direct the current activities of the union and to head the Board of the union

The Vice-Presidents of JERELO EXPO are the elected positions which direct the current activities within the Board of the union under the leadership of the President

President of JERELO EXPO

Tatyana Skuratovskaya

Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, Academy of Sciences (UkrSSR). Head of Golnit Technology Development and Implementation with 20 years of surgical suture manufacturing experience

Tatyana Skuratovskaya graduated as a Qualified Engineer from the Kiev Technological Institute of Light Industry, specializing in the technology of artificial fibers

She worked at the Research Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology on a degree in chemical engineering and worked on synthesis of anti-cancer agents

She has worked at Golnit Ltd since 1993 as a Director in the manufacturing of sterile surgical sutures


JERELO EXPO is an open, voluntary, professional organization. Members of the union can be legal and natural persons, higher education institutions, specialized research institutes and organizations, which share the goals and objectives of the union and wish to participate in their realization

Membership in JERELO EXPO provides access to a wide range of partnership relations and professional colleagues cooperation to develop Ukrainian business in the foreign economic activity field. We invite legal entities and individuals to join JERELO EXPO who seek

to strengthen the position of Ukrainian business, competitiveness of domestic goods and services in the global market!


The founding members of JERELO EXPO are its founders

Associate members are companies, entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to strengthen Ukrainian business positions, competitiveness of national goods and services in the world market!

Academic members of JERELO EXPO are business schools, accelerators, scientists and innovators, higher education institutions, specialized research institutes and organizations (regardless of their ownership and country registration). Academic members do not pay entry and membership fees


Phone  +38(044) 360 30 11

01033, Ukraine, Kyiv, 30-A, Zhylyanska str.

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